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Лятно училище в LSE

Категории: Блог | Публикувано на 6 май 2013

aleksanderfoundationАко сте видели възможността за лятно училище в London School of Economics и все още се чудите дали да кандидатствате, вижте какво споделя един участник  (Красимир Павлов) в предишен випуск специално за Тук-Там: LSE Summer School was probably the best way to spend part of my summer! I managed to experience LSE with its well deserved reputation as one of the best educational institutions, but more importantly met with a such a colourful palette of students from all over the world, started numerous friendships and had great time! And London… ah, London, where everything has its London-way to do the things. Buildings, museums, pubs, theaters and everything on one place.

I am glad I had opportunity to live the LSE Summer School and I am thankful to the people who created that opporunity! And not on last place, participating in the summer school, gave me tons of new knowledge and different view on the economic situation, and for sure is great addition to my professional development and unforgetable memory. I would encourage anyone to apply for it! 

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