Тук-Там на кариерния форум за български студенти в Лондон

Категории: Кариера в България, Проекти | Публикувано на 25 март 2013

IMG_1370Тук-Там участва при голям интерес в кариерния форум за български студенти в Лондон („Bulgarian Student Career Fair), организиран от българското общество в London School of Economics. Българското посолство в Лондон посрещна почти 100 бакалаври, магистри и докторанти от университети в Лондон и Кембридж.

Те дойдоха да се запознаят с фирми изложители от сферите на финансите, информационните технологии и производството на бързооборотни стоки. Форумът бе открит от посланика ни в Обединеното Кралство – Константин Димитров, който заяви готовността на институцията на посолството да помага за кариерната реализация на младите българи в родината им.

Специално за събитието от София долетя Калоян Капралов, член на УС на Тук-Там, за да се срещне с всички кандидати на щанда на организацията ни. Всички посетители проявиха голям интерес към нашата дейност и изявиха желание да посетят и форум Кариера в България. Защо не? през септември 2013 г.

Ето и благодарственото писмо, което получихме от организаторите на форума:

Dear Kaloyan,

On behalf of the Bulgarian Student Communities on the event organization board at the LSE, UCL and Kings College, the Bulgarian Embassy and all the students that participated in the Bulgarian Student Career Fair, I wanted to say BIG THANK YOU for coming to our career fair. After a quick overview of the student feedback forms we saw that students found their interaction you quite interesting and useful. Generally all are really delighted with the diversity of industries and opportunities that our fair offered. An overall excellent feedback from students. We are 100% sure that this positive feedback will resonate deeply and quickly among the student community here and next year we will enjoy much greater attention from a much wider student audience.

The event attracted significant media attention. We had 2 reporters at the fair – one from „Telegraf“ and one representative of a think-tank + the Financial Times – taking interviews with employers (they might have interviewed you too), students and organizers. In addition, we found articles promoting the event in at least 20 media outlets (Telegraf, news.bg, bta.bg, karieri.bg, karierist.com, economynews.bg and others). This is proof that you became part of something big, something that the Bulgarian Community cares about and wants to learn about. Something that we will work hard to make a tradition.

Our team at the LSE + the embassy + the leaders from UCL and King’s College will do careful evaluation of the feedback forms, the numbers and statistics from the event and will get back to you with results and clear statement of:
– what went well
– what did not went well
– what we think we should/will work on to improve the quality of the event next year

We realize that the event did not reach its full potential in terms of the quantity of attending students, but we believe that their quality will make up for it. With your permission, we would like to have follow up e-mails with you in the following months to help us build on our achievement and create a better forum for you and for the students next year, when we plan to involve a bigger team, bigger budget and more institutions in helping us improve.

We really hope you enjoyed our fair and extracted the benefits it provided and we look forward to keeping in touch with you.


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